How do I index iBooks, Calibre and iTunes?

Used Devonthink Pro Office and Devonthink ToGo now for one week.

Extremely useful app, fantastic support, great documentation and a good forum.

Have a question that others might be interested in:

I have gathered all my documents, emails, .pfd files etc. in my first database and use it both on my computer and my iPad and iPhone.

Want to create a second database for use only on my computer with all my music, movies and ebooks.

Is there a smart way to let Devonthink index iTunes, Calibre and iBooks without having all the media inside the DT app?

Read the manual but are not 100% sure what the best way is. I do not want the previous stuff I already have imported into my first database to be included at all.

Not sure that DT is designed for managing and cataloguing media - iTunes is geared for that and does a good job of it. DT is more designed for text based apps.

Calibre is, in effect, a database too. So you might organise your ebooks with it or DT

But bluntly you would not index indexes from two other different apps in your DT library.

DevonThink will index epubs if you install an ePub Quicklook plug-in such as

Aha ok. I use iBooks and ITunes by themselves but Calibre to sync with my Kindle since it is a different format than Apple uses.

No big deal, just have som 3.000 books inside my Calibre library and would be cool to use the excellent search function in Devonthink to search for info in them.

But no big deal, just a thought. Think I am just so overwhelmed by the power in DT and want to use it wherever I can!

Thanks for your reply.