How do I make "save as" save to database inbox, not global

I just have one database, so when I use “save as” to the “inbox” from the file menu in word, excel, or wherever, I just want to save into that database’s inbox - however it seems the DT default behavior is to save into a global inbox then I have to move the files. Imported PDF’s however go to my single database inbox.
This means that when I file and cleanup I have to look in 2 separate inboxes. Seems clunky.
I’ve looked here and can’t find an answer to this - is it really obvious so no one else is asking or can someone help me?

Isn’t there an option in “Preferences -> Import” for the default target of new data ?

The global inbox in “Save As…” dialogs is just the global inbox. Anything else is a feature request. A very common feature request, it seems :unamused:

It is possible to “implement” this feature with a folder and an attached script:

I created a folder “Import”, attached the Action Import script (see the Extras folder of the install dmg) to it and dragged the folder into the sidebar. Now this folder is available in the Save dialog. Every file stored to that folder will be imported into DTP using the Preferences setting for imports.


Thanks Johannes,

I tried what you suggest, but it doesn’t seem to change anything. For instance, in Word I click save as, and the only option that relates to DT is still “Inbox” - “Import” doesn’t show up in the global save as menu.

So it looks like this is just a weird clunker of design in DT - unless I’m just missing something?

FIMI - there is an option in preferences as to where you import new data, but it only applies to imported data (i.e. PDF) NOT to the “save as” dialogue. So if I want to save a word or excel document in DT, I can either “Save As” in the “inbox” which throws it in the global inbox (and there doesn’t seem to be a way to adjust what the “save as” to “inbox” does) OR I can export as a pdf and import that pdf to DT, which will then allow me to put it in the correct database inbox. Not sure why this is designed this way.


Where did you create the folder “Import”? It should be somewhere in the Finder (not in DTP) and with sidebar I meant the Finder sidebar (although this step is not necessary as you can navigate to that folder by other means in the save dialog).