How do I make Scanner Pro from Readdle work automatically?

The latest release notes says: “This release adds support for directly sending scans from Readdle Scanner Pro to DEVONthink To Go.” But how do you turn that on? I am reading this to mean that I can scan with Scanner Pro and the resulting scan will be automatically shared to DevonThink to Go.

Is there a trick to activating this new feature, which I would really like to use?

Readdle hasn’t released the new version yet

Great. thanks.

It won’t be automatic, that’s not easily possible on iOS and would mean you’d immediately be switched away from Scanner Pro every time after a scan. Directly sharing data without activating the app (like Clip to DEVONthink does) is only possible between apps of the same app group (which all belong to one manufacturer).

I appreciate the inclusion of this feature, and cannot wait to try it out. ScannerPro is an excellent and error-free application, and most of the time I want it to export to DTTG anyway!

I am not sure if this is what you mean with «automatically», but in Scanner Pro:

  1. choose file
  2. select SHARE OPEN IN

This is not «automatically» so if you get a reply on how to automaically add to DT to Go, I am interested :smiley:

Finally a workflow that works when you are in a store, restaurant,storing a carwash code etc.

Just scan and share right in to DTTG!

Been waiting for this. Tried several iOS scanner apps but all was complicated and had to go via .pdf converters etc.



Not sure it is that easy…I count three clicks to get to this…

What the original poster was meaning I think is to make a workflow…then only one click

For me this works great. Very happy. Before I had to scan to iCloud, pay for data if abroad, drag it from iCloud in to DevonThink.

This is VERY smooth. Just three clicks and info is where it should be.


Are there future plans to make DEVONthink a location for automatic uploads similar to Evernote and the other cloud services that are supported in this way in Scanner Pro, or is it technically impossible?

My vote goes to the system as it is today meaning iPad and iPhone talks with my computer via MY WiFi. Feels much more secure to have all my vital information inside MY own systems.

I tried Evernote some years ago but felt unsecure. Both for the fact that someone else is storing my info just a password away and that they can raise the price or go out of business without my control.

Since I am traveling a lot abroad I also appreciate not to have to use cellular data to make my system work.

Once a month I make an encrypted (256) sparse image of my database and ship all 15gB in to a cloud service so at least in an emergency I can restore it.

But that is a personal view, I understand many users would love to ship up every single item and use the cloud as the hub, I do not and see this as one very unique selling point when I recommend the DEVONThink eco system to my friends and business partners.

So far everyone who installed and used it loves it. Unfortunately many of them have PC but that is another story.

Evernote & Co. work always via a server; DEVONthink is a local solution, with the data never leaving the device unless you tell it to do so. So, technically it’s not possible at the moment, we’re afraid.