How do I mark notes as favourite in DTTG?

I see there is a smart group for Favourite, but how to mark as favourite in DTTG?

You can only mark groups as Favorites. Left-swipe a group and choose More > Add to Favorites.

Thank you!

No problem. :smiley:

Tipp: if you want to get quickly to a particular file you can use labels, of flag it, of course.

Another tipp is to call DT2Go via URL command (e. g. using Safari) and do a search automatically by that URL command.
Exampel: x-devonthink://search?query=name:staubbeutel

If I enter the above URL (I‘ve a bookmark of course) then DT2Go opens and all files matching the query (in my case only a single file) will appear. Not too bad :slight_smile:
Or just bookmark a link to a single file, even more easier…
Or just have a file „my favorites“ in your global inbox with those links in it… :smiley:
Or just tag them with a Tag „favorite“ :slight_smile:
Well, that‘s enough now…

I think using Flag and Label for files and Favourite for group makes sense to me.

Thanks so much for the detailed options.