How do I OCR existing image-only pdfs in my DT database?

I know you can do this with external file by file --> import --> images.

But what if the image file is already in my database?

If you are using DT Pro Office 1.3beta3 select the image-only PDF that’s in your database.

Command-click on the selected PDF and choose the contextual menu option to convert to a searchable PDF.

A second copy of the PDF will be created as a PDF+Text file, with searchable text.

I am using DT Pro Office 1.3beta3

When I command-click on the selected PDF, I get the same contextual menu I’ve always gotten: Open, Open With, Launch Path …Group.

There is no option to convert to searchable PDF.

I must be doing something stupid.

Select the Name of the PDF, not the open PDF.

Yes, I am right-clicking on the name. (The command key makes no difference) The contextual menu that comes up has no OCR option.

I now find it under Actions menu. But not on the context menu that comes up by right clicking on the name.

Right, I mispoke when I said Command-click instead of Control-click to invoke contextual menu options.

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