How do I open links in the default browser?

If I have an rtf page with an url, and click that url, I want that url to open in my web browser (Safari), not inside DEVONthink. How do I accomplish that easy? I had expected a preference for that, letting me choose in what app urls should open!?

If there is no easy direct way, I would like to put forward this as a request.

PS: There is a similar topic “open links in browser” from 2010: open links in browser
But the answer by ‘cgrunenberg’ is inadequate since he only mentions web views: Contextual menus of web views (e.g. of bookmarks, web archives or HTML pages) contain already such a command. Just right/control-click on a link and choose “Open Link in Browser”
So how about links in rtf?

Did you try right-click, open link?

It’s weird! I could absolutely swear that I tried just that, and with the RTF documents I had it would open the link within DTP, whereas in a web document it would open in a browser. But now, and ever since your response to the question, the contextual menu does open the RTF link in the browser!

I can only guess that the problem was caused by, or was related to, two things:
(1) I have had a fair number of slightly corrupt RTF files, which were imported from a large Mori database. Much of that has been fixed now.
(2) I had a fair number of crashes of DTP at the time I was testing it. That may have caused weird behaviors.

But nevertheless, I would appreciate a preference that made single-clicking to open the link in a browser.

In addition, the current GUI implementation does not follow the standard Apple human interface guidelines, since the item of a contextual link that says “Open” or “Open Link” should be the same as simply clicking the item.
In Mail, the contextual menu item ‘Open Link’ is the same as clicking the link.
In TextEdit, the topmost contextual menu item ‘Open Link’ is the same as clicking the link.
In Finder, the topmost contextual menu item ‘Open’ is the same as double-clicking the item.

DEVONthink breaks that by having the topmost contextual item ‘Open Link’ do something different than clicking the link. To follow Apple’s guidelines, the contextual menu item that does something different than clicking the item should be named accordingly, such as “open Link in Browser”.

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Actually … I like Harald’s suggestion too.