How do I see all files with Incoming Links/Mentions?

I want to see all Markdown files with Incoming Links (not Incoming Item Links) to purge “orphan” notes from my databases. This would preferably be part of a Smart Group to maintain visibility on older notes. Is this possible? If so, how do I do it?

Only item links are currently indexed and supported by smart groups and searching.

Thanks, @cgrunenberg! Do you know how (or know someone who would know how) to create a Smart Rule-compatible Applescript to automate the conversion of wiki links to item links? I have a couple of folders that I would like to convert in one go.

Is this what you are after (from one of the forum’s scripting experts)? However, please also note carefully the discussion in this thred (starting with the link I’ve given).



Haha, I read this thread here but didn’t respond as I wasn’t up to creating a Smart Rule and the necessary Script Library. Completely forgot that it already exists :sweat_smile: Thank you!


You could select these groups in the sidebar, then search for kind:markdown s:selection, select all results and choose Tools > Links > Convert WikiLinks to Item Links. Or do you want to perform this frequently?

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Thanks for pointing this out. I didn’t think of the easy solution. :upside_down_face: I believe that after this step, I can use less sophisticated Smart Groups to do cleanup on newly-created files.

That’s often the case…

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