How do I set up Kagi for use in Devon Agent?

I’ve been using Kagi for a while and it helps with sorting out the garbage websites. I’m having a devil of a time setting it up in DevonAgent. I’m logged into Kagi via DevonAgent window before I attempt my searches. This is the query string that I am using:

httpX://kagi. com/ search? q=agentQuery

But DevonAgent doesn’t parse the results and just returns the search page, the map page and a link to you.DOTCOM.

edit: I had to add spaces and the X to the query string because discourse didn’t like me posting a URL. Also it didn’t like the youDOTcom url either.

Does Kagi work without JavaScript?

Seems so…

These are results from a quick plugin build…

Put this in ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONagent/Plugins, quit and relaunch DEVONagent, and see how it works for you: (784 Bytes)

I’m not getting any results now - they gave an error and said too many requests. I think I’m going to not use Kagi with DevonAgent - there’s a chance they could ban me and Kagi’s too valuable for that.

You could add a CrawlDelay to the plugin, usually 1-2 seconds are sufficient.