How do I use "Export Webpages" Automator Action?

Hello to all with my first forum post. I’ve searched for almost two hours across the web, and on these Forums, but have yet to get any further.

I have a DEVONagent window with tabs. Each tab is a different web page. My intention is to use the DEVONagent “Export Webpages” Automator Action in order to print all those open tabs to PDFs.

The stated Inputs available in Automator are “DEVONagent tabs, DEVONagent browsers.” However, I have been completely unsuccessful in printing anything more than the currently selected/visible DEVONagent tab.

I would love some help or insight into how the “Export Webpages” Action is designed to be used.

Thanks in advance,

Is the “Export Webpages” action the first action in your workflow? You might need a step before that to mark all open tabs as the arguments.

For instance, how I generally use the action is to do something like the following (Not word for word, since I haven’t done this in a while):

Finder – Get Selected Files (I have a folder full of HTML files, and I select them)
DEVONagent – Open URLs (takes list of HTML files and opens them in tabs)
DEVONagent – Export Webpages (takes each tab and exports it)

If “Export Webpages” is your first step, I would expect to see something like the problem you’re describing. It would make sense to me to run using only the current tab as an argument.