How do I view and modify legacy pdf annotations and bookmark

I tend to work with large pdf files, single files with 400 to 1,000 pages are not uncommon. In the past, I have reviewed and bookmarked in Acrobat Pro, with the result being that I have a lot of pdf files that are heavily annotated.

  1. Can I see my annotations and bookmarks in DTPO?

  2. Is there a way to print a single page from a large pdf file?

  3. Does it matter if they are indexed or full documents?

  4. Any advice for a smooth transition from this workflow? I need to be able to point collaborators to specific pages in these files, none of whom have or use DTPO because they’re Windows users.


Annotations you created in Acrobat are visible in DTPO. DTPO does not support PDF bookmarks.

Not in DTPO (at least, not easily, without extracting the page and then printing it). Use Preview, Skim, Acrobat, etc.

The answers to (1) and (2) apply to indexed and imported documents.

Thank you.