How do you do a multiple select in iOS

How do I select multiple files.

I don’t think you can in that view. If you use the list view, you can select multiple documents using the standard two finger tap and swipe.

See the ? > Help > Share your data > Use drag and drop.

Ok, so you can select multiple items in the grid view:

“In an application that supports it, long-tap an item, drag it, […] While you are dragging an item, you can tap on other items with a free finger. This will add them to the selection you’re dragging”

To me it would be more intuitive if the grid view used the same selection method as the list view (the two-finger tap and drag); don’t know whether it’s DT or Apple being counter-intuitive here though (iOS is long passed being intuitive to me anyway, so this may just be me :see_no_evil:).

Thanks for the reference, Jim - I should have looked that up before responding :roll_eyes:

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No worries.