How do you keep track of references in multiple PDFs?

I’m not entirely sure how to ask this question, but since everyone here seems to love this kind of discussion, let’s take a shot. :grin:

I’m often referencing PDF specifications that span 10 or 20 different documents, and every document has references to other documents. I would love to do the following things:

  1. Bookmark a place in a document and give it a name and a comment.
  2. Bring up a list of existing bookmarks, categorized and organized within DTP. It would show relevant information (like name, comment, document name, and location in DTP)
  3. I could make a URL link (e.g. in a Markdown document) to a Bookmark. Clicking the link would take me to the bookmark in the associated PDF.
  4. I could select some text (or draw a shape) in a PDF, and link that to a Bookmark.
  5. :drooling_face: All the above works in any type of document stored in DTP.

How many of these things can I do now but can’t figure out how?

What do you all do instead, to build associations between documents?

Basically all of this should be possible. Use the appropriate Copy Selection/Annotation/Section/Paragraph/Page/Frame Link in the contextual menu of the editor or preview pane, then either insert the copied link e.g. into a Markdown document or use Data > New > From Clipboard to create a new bookmark in the database. Like any item in the database these bookmarks can be renamed, annotated, grouped etc.

Oh wow. :exploding_head: I did not understand these options. Thanks for the tip! I tried it out quickly, and it’s amazing! I have no idea why I didn’t come across them when I searched.

Help > Documentation > Documents > Document Linking.

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