How do you move and rename databases?

For someone using DT Pro for so long, I should know probably know this but can I rename and move DT Pro 2 database files in the finder?

I’ve only recently come to terms with multiple databases, began playing about with them, then realised that I didn’t really want four of them in my documents folder but would rather next them in a DT folder.

Obviously don’t want to muck around with it if it’s going to cause problems and can’t see this referred to on the forum.

Here you go:

  1. Close all your databases in DEVONthink

  2. Move/rename them in the FInder

  3. Launch DEVONthink and re-open them (or double-click on them in the Finder

Note that renaming the database in the Finder does not change the name of the databases within DEVONthink. To do that, you’ll need to select ‘File>Database Properties…>your_old_database_name’ and rename each one from the Properties panel.

Brilliant. Thank you. I was hoping that was all I needed to do but didn’t want to risk it without checking first.