How do you personally use tags and groups in DTTG

Tags are fairly powerful in DevonThink, especially when paired with groups. Things are a bit different in DTTG though.

For example, let’s say I have a database of artwork I’m tracking. I tag each one appropriately, all is good. I want to compare all the paintings that are landscape, currently on display, and are expensive. It’s actually something I do quite often. In DevonThink I would make a smart group filtered by these tags, all is good. There are no smart groups in DTTG though, making it harder to compile this kind of a comparison. Searches could probably do it, but there’s no way to save a search so you’d have to rebuild it each time. So in this case, in DTTG, tags aren’t useful.

Despite the lack of smart groups or saved searches though, I know tags are still pretty powerful. I use them myself, but I often wonder what I’m getting out of them as I primarily access my databases on my phone.

So with that in mind, I’m curious. Those of you who use DTTG, especially the ones who primarily use it, how do you approach tagging? What use do you personally get out of them?

Smart Groups and Saved Searches in DTTG would be awesome
Currently I can only add selected tags/groups/records to Favorites
My primary Devonthink device is a Mac; DTTG on an iPad is supplemental

btw; I have a collection of searches saved in a note


I agree. Smart groups would be amazing. I haven’t figured out a way around this. Would love it if smart groups (and favorites!) synced to DTTG.

Also I agree, searches on mobile are a pain. How do we not have a selector or a window come up to allow us to do this easily is beyond me. The search is excellent just not practical with a phone having to type each thing in.