How do you search

Hi, yesterday I got DTTG for my 4S to use with a couple of notes from latest DN. I am having tremendous challenges searching for text within the two small .rtf files, as well as the tiny .rtf/.txt files I created in DTTG. The rtf file for instance contains these two lines:
Rich text
Line two line three

If I try to Search Names & Contacts for “line” , I get nothing at all from that file, it does find it in the two DN notes.
If I drop the “e”, I get nothing from any of the notes. Putting an asterisk (PITA) in place of the e does not help either. Searching for “ine” files the two DN notes, but not the one above. I know I have no words spelled exactly “ine”.

If I use DN to search, the wildcard behaves as expected, matching 0 or more before and/or after the note string. There seem to be two things amiss here: nothing found in the file I typed, and no wild-card ability (pity no highlighting when the note is selected, I understand you cannot play with rtf rendering in ios).

However, if I just search Names, I do not need the wildcard, if the character(s) appear anywhere in the note name, it is found. Seems a glaring inconsistency.

Please let me know what you think I should do about this. It is the only reason I got this for the 4S, the ability to search for a string in a file (although if you don’t tell me where it is, that is pretty useless, my above comment notwithstanding.)

There was an issue where the search indexes for plain text and rich text files modified in DTTG were not correctly updated. This was fixed in the last update (after you reported it). That should clear up the issue where some files were not found when you searched. If not, please let us know.

Wildcards are not currently supported by DTTG, but I will add that as a feature request to keep in mind for future versions.