How do you take notes from podcasts and then add them to Devonthink?

I’m a big fan of Cal Newport and I enjoy listening to his podcast. I usually listen to it while doing not cognitive demanding tasks at work or at my house.

While listening sometimes I want to store what I just heard, not the audio, but a note and store it to Devonthink.

My workflow currently is that if I listen to something important I just pause the podcast, take out a sheet of paper and annotate the time and why I thought it was important. Then when I can use my hands, I launch Devonthink using my Mac, create a new note, replay the podcast according to the time stamp I wrote before, and in the note while listening I write what I wanted to capture, of course keeping the time reference inside this new note and a link to the podcast.

I would like to hear some ideas while using DevonThink To Go because not always I have pen and paper (maybe I’m running or taking a walk with my dog), but I always carry my iPhone and in some instances my iPad.

I have thought on creating a shortcut, then adding it to my Lock Screen using LockFlow where if I tap the widget a new note inside my global inbox with the Date and Time of the calendar is created, and then opened to edit it. Adding there the time stamp of the podcast and the reason why I’m adding it. Later then using my Mac or iPad I can move it from the inbox to my slipbox (another group) adding all the relevant information I wanted to capture from that fragment of the podcast.

Do you have a particular workflow that you use for this goal?

Check this for reference of using LockFlow.

I use a shortcut on my iPad home screen
Adds a note, inserts the timestamp in the title plus text
I can use the keyboard for the text, or the microphone and dictation

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Wow, it seems great, can you share the workflow?

/shameless plug


I also consulted this one :slight_smile:

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For podcasts you can try ‎Airr | Audio Conversations on the App Store which allows bookmarking
For YouTube try one of these extensions allowing markdown notes ReClipped: YouTube Notes & Screenshots - Chrome Web Store

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Thanks, I’ll try that app. I just love overcast and I really like hearing my podcasts there :frowning: , have my whole curated library in that app.