How do you tell if a Database is indexed or imported

How do you determine if a database is index based vs Imported.

A database can‘t be indexed. Only groups can be indexed.

An indexed group

  • has a little Finder symbol
    (see right side of its Name column)
  • its Path is not empty
    (see Inspector or add the Path column)
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Actually, a file should show a Path in the Generic Info inspector.

Not sure I understand.

If I index a Finder Folder XXX does that not create a database that points to the files in XXX


DEVONthink got two types of (unencrypted) databases:

  • the global inbox
    That’s a database that’s open all the time, users can’t close it.

  • databases created by the user
    That’s a database that’s manually created in the app

There are no new databases created by merely indexing a Finder folder or file(s).

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You index or import files into an existing database.

I was referring to an imported vs. an indexed group :slight_smile:

I was just correcting a typo I made in December - hahaha!

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Sorry if my syntax created confusion.

I am not sure if I can follow the two answers as they appear different,.

How do you tell if a database is indexed or imported?

I do not see the arrow that was mentioned

Here is a screenshot of the database info. Is this a database that is indexed or imported?

ScreenShot of Database Info

Screenshot of DB that is indexed

I’ll take a swing at adding some clarity:

Databases themselves are neither indexed or not indexed or imported or whatever.
The contents of databases are what is indexed or imported.
i.e. you can have indexed and imported files in the same database.
Mac OS Finder folders, when indexed, become a group in Devonthink. (A semantic distinction that is useful to come to terms with as you get deeper into DT) There is a little MacOS icon beside the name of an indexed group.
How’d I do?


The database info shows the database contains 20 groups
Some of those groups may be indexed; some may be imported
You need to check each group to see indexed or imported; it’s not a database attribute

Check how???

Paste this query into the toolbar search:

kind:group item:indexed

Screen Shot 2022-10-03 at 21.10.46

You can also use the File Location dropdown in the Tools > Filter > Info pane. This allows interactive filtering of the current location.