How do you tell if a Database is indexed or imported

How do you determine if a database is index based vs Imported.

A database can‘t be indexed. Only groups can be indexed.

An indexed group

  • has a little Finder symbol
    (see right side of its Name column)
  • its Path is not empty
    (see Inspector or add the Path column)
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Actually, a file should show a Path in the Generic Info inspector.

Not sure I understand.

If I index a Finder Folder XXX does that not create a database that points to the files in XXX


DEVONthink got two types of (unencrypted) databases:

  • the global inbox
    That’s a database that’s open all the time, users can’t close it.

  • databases created by the user
    That’s a database that’s manually created in the app

There are no new databases created by merely indexing a Finder folder or file(s).

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You index or import files into an existing database.

I was referring to an imported vs. an indexed group :slight_smile:

I was just correcting a typo I made in December - hahaha!

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