How do you update DEVONthink Pro?

I have DP Pro 1.0 and noticed that version 1.02 is available. How do I update to the latest version? Thanks.javascript:emoticon(’:roll:’)

You can download updates at

Thanks Bill. But is this the download site for the entire DT Pro software package? Do you trash your previous version and download a fresh version, or is there just an “update” download that you run without trashing your program?

Your download disk image will include the DT Pro application, Scripts, Widgets, etc.

My own preference is to create in my Applications folder a folder named, e.g., “DT Pro f” and drag the contents of the disk image into that folder. Now I know where all the contents of the download disk image are, including scripts, Widgets, etc. Note: If you are doing this for the first time, and already have an icon for DT Pro in the Dock, drag the old DT Pro icon out of the Dock and delete the older version of the DT Pro application.

Next time there’s an upgrade, I again drag the contents of the disk image to that folder and tell the Finder to replace all older items. OR, I delete the content of “DT Pro f” and replace them with the contents of the disk image.

Note: Always close DT Pro before doing the upgrade.


Lamentation of a techno-nurd

Thanks for your important comments about how to upgrade and keep a tidy house, which the less literate of us like me need to take careful note of. Most of my PhD data resides in DT Pro and every upgrade leaves me in trepidation lest I do something wrong or disable my data.

And so today another upgrade and yes, I hadn’t read your piece until I turned to this forum in something of a panic. Yes, I have managed to disable DT Pro. I’ve ditched the previous version, quit the application, replaced the dock icon with the icon from new version, and still I get, “Database already in use” and I cannot access my data…

I will probably manage to figure things out as I’ve done before but at least let me share my continual upgrade panics/mishaps and wish upgrading DT even remotely reflected how easy the software is to use…once you’ve got it working again!

Hi, Michael: I think you took too many precautions. Did you perhaps delete the DT Pro application file from the Applications folder while it was still open?

In preparation for an update I first run Scripts > Export > Backup Archive and save the archive file to a location of my choice. That script runs Verify & Repair and Backup & Optimize, so my database should be in good shape, and recently backed up.

Now I quit DT Pro in preparation for the update.

As previously noted, all I do is copy the contents of the download disk image over to the DT Pro folder inside my applications folder. I don’t have to delete the icon in the Dock, as the updated application file has the same name and location, so the existing Dock icon continues to function.

The first thing I would try to get your database up and running after the update is to restart the computer and try again. If you still get a message that the database is already in use, click on the Ignore option.

If you still can’t open the database send a message to Support. (Help > Support.)

Thanks, Bill.

I recommend that all techno-nerds like me stick on the wall your two posts on updating - in a big font. That should put an end to my kernel panics every time Eric announces that you good folks have been working hard and improved the software!

[And yes, your diagnosis was correct, and cured by a restart]

The message “Database is already in use” can (also) be sent if one tries to open a database when there’s too little disk space.

I haven’t given my homily about keeping free space on the disk lately, so here it is:

Apple engineers recommend that at least 15-20% of your boot drive’s capacity must be kept available as room for the operating system and applications to store temporary files.

Low free space can contribute to slower operations.

And when there’s not enough space for the operating system to work in, existing files can get overwritten – that’s another name for data corruption. :slight_smile: