How Do You Use DT Professional?

Many years ago I gave my father-in-law a small computer. He was retired and had a lot of time on his hands so he really worked with it a lot. A couple of months later when I saw him again and asked him how things were going with the computer, he answered: “This thing has a hell of a lot more answers than I have questions!”

And that’s kind of the way I feel about DT Professional, that is, I’m using it a lot and enjoy it, while, at the same time, I think that it can do more things than I can think of asking to do, which, in turn, could enhance my productivity.

I know the manual has lots of examples of things that can be done, or, more precisely, how to do things, but that’s never the same as actual experience.

So I was wondering if folks might be interested in contributing to this thread by telling the rest of us how and for what you use DT Profession (or the standard edition, too, of course). For example, I’ve started using it as an app launcher. I use File->Link To… and choose an app. I have these links in an App Folder I’ve created. This way, I can launch all the apps I use regularly (about 5) right from within DTP.

Probably everyone does this and I just didn’t know :slight_smile: but this is the kind of – at least to me – non-obvious thing I’m talikng about.

I thought that this might be a valuable resource for many of us out here.

Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from folks.

See the main list of topics on this forum, under “Usage Scenarios” and also the sub-topic “Using DT as a writer’s tool.” Other folks have written about using DT as a bibliographic tool, image catalog, and PIM tool. The Search Query page may lead you to other related topics. A couple of long articles have appeared on the Web explaining DT use; you might find those with a Google (or DevonAgent) search.

Thanks for the leads, howarth. I’m going to try them all.