How do you use DTTG with Liquid Text?

I am wondering where should the source folder be to retrieve the pdf documents to be imported to liquid text. This also applies for the files and documents that are needed to create a video. I find myself dragging the said files to the desktop before compiling them.

Have you tried “Reveal in Finder” instead of making a copy of the documents to the Desktop? That’s what I use.

As you mention dragging to the desktop: are we talking about DEVONthink or DEVONthink To Go?

DTTG, I am assuming that the project files in liquid text stays in the cloud and the pdfs referenced are in dttg.

Is it possible for the project files in liquid text be saved in dttg?

Without knowing how exactly Liquid Text works, that’s hard to tell. In the end, DEVONthink To Go stores PDFs or other files itself, it does not reference them from other places. On iOS that is usually the way to go.

I haven’t used LiquidText much and don’t have the premium version but I have just tested this and you can open PDF files from DEVONthink directly in LiquidText (i.e. LiquidText can open them in-place directly from DTTG by using the Files app’s dialog to select a file stored in DTTG), do your annotations in LT, and you can then let LT export all the changes back to DTTG so the file is saved automatically back to DTTG (you can choose in LT’s project options to always automatically export and save the annotations back to the original PDF file). This seems to work properly with LT and DTTG, some other PDF editors don’t.

Oh! Thank you for confirming that! I have been struggling to open a pdf from dt with liquid text

Do you have DTTG enabled in the Files app? LT uses the Files app dialog to let you select the file and, once enabled, you should see your DTTG databases as folders there.

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Hi there, kind soul. Just bear with me on this. Please see the screenshot - is this what you’re referring to ?

Yes. This means you should be able to see files stored in your DTTG databases when opening files from LT. Does this work for you?

Do note, as I said, that I haven’t used LT much. LT offers to save back annotations to the external PDF file, which in this case means back to DTTG’s database, but I am not sure whether some edits which are specific to LT features stay only in LT’s project file — probably yes. This may essentially mean that you will always have the up-to-date exported PDF with annotations in DTTG, but that you should work with the main project file in LT as this supports LT-specific features.

I believe that LT introduced the option to share LT projects externally as of recently but to answer your original question, you can try exporting/saving these to DTTG but you will be unable to see/edit them directly in DTTG. I am not sure that this would make for a comfortable workflow. LT seems to prefer users saving files to their cloud so that they have to subscribe.

That is assuming you don’t have the security setting in DTTG set to lock immediately.