How do you use Flags?

I use labels as way to prioritize reading material, to mark a file that I need to be opened in another app, or some other function (e.g., Label or Sort).

Just wondering how other DTP / DTTG users use Flags, given it’s binary nature. Sure, it can be a way to be sure to check whether one has reviewed a file, but I expect other users are applying Flags in other, creative ways…

I just use it to mark a file I’d want to refer to / search for later.

I use to signal the file has a problem. Normally I capture files from Safari and Ionreader (copy and paste over a new note) to Formatted Note across the day and when at home, I use my iPad to read them, as it were Pocket or Instapaper.

I use to discard some for not interesting.

However, about 80% of the remaining captured ones have format problems. Words joined or omitted, bad formatting, an image not captured, etc… If I cannot repair them with the limited iPad editor, I flag them to edit in my Mac previous archive.

Similar to Jim, I use a flag for something that needs attention for some reason. In some cases if I want to cull through a list of documents for some operation (add to a group; export as a bloc; delete or rename, etc.) then I’ll flag documents in selection then sort by “flag” to force the flagged documents to sort together

Flags has one unique feature, unlike labels: you can browse folders to find an item, because it marks appropriately all parent groups. Like “Read/Unread mark”, that can be seen as a kind of automated Flag, which disappears after you read it.

It is very handy when you need a kind of visual bookmark and don’t want (too hard for this temporary case or impossible) to create a smart folder for it, or create redundant tags / notes to find it later.

Thank you for all of your replies. I greatly appreciate it.

Right now, on of my Labels is “Follow Up” – and so, in a way, it seems to serve the same purpose as a Flag would for many users.

I’ve found that sometime others use things like Tags in a way to build on features, rather than creating another form of taxonomy. I suppose I was wondering if anyone was using Flags in that regard, and how that might work.