How does DA decide to write something to the archive?

I have many search sets defined to run weekly and they work fine. Recently, I set them up to Add to Archive. 2 weeks ago the search ran and archived all the results as it should.
This past week, the search appears to have run, but it doesn’t look to me like any new results are in the archive. The most recent date was from the week before. Knowing that many of these sites certainly had updates to them, why did the results not show up in the archive in DA? In my search settings I do have Filter Similar and Archived Pages turned on. But I know the pages have changed and they didn’t show up in the archive. So, does DA just look at the URL to decide to filter based on what’s in the archive, or does it actually compare the content to decide?

Also, how does DA decide which group in the archive the data gets dumped to? It seems to be ‘All’ for most of my searches, but for larger searches utilizing plugins, it seems to create its own group with the search terms as the title of the group in the archive.

My apologies if this has been answered somewhere and I didn’t see it already.


Only the URL. Everything already inside the archive isn’t added again.

Is DT the same way then? For example, from inside DA, I want to export to DT, will it add the content to DT regardless, or will it check it against the URLs inside DT as well?

It will add the content to DEVONthink regardless.