How does DA determine a "No content" error?

I am running a search across the public Internet and many specific sources of biomedical information. I’m getting quite a few “No content” errors in the log window for URLs that I know to be hits. When I select one of these in the log, the document I’m looking for shows up in the browser window.

So why is DA saying “No content”? Is something timing out perhaps?

This means that no HTML/XML/text data could be retrieved. Could you post an example? Thanks!

In DA 2.3.1:

  1. Choose search set “Medical Research”
  2. Enter query string “Fainzilber” (a colleague of mine)
  3. Settings:
  • International
    *Ignore Umlauts: Y
    *Follow Links: Y, 0
    *(everything else unchecked)
  1. Run search
  2. Log contains a number of “No content” errors with URLs for articles written by Fainzilber, such as:

Oftentimes when I click on one of these in the log tab, there is a long delay before the page appears in the preview window. That’s why a wondered if there is a (too brief) timeout triggering the “No content” error.

I’ve created a new search set containing these URLs and the upcoming DEVONagent 2.5 will handle all of them. Looks like a bug of DEVONagent 2.3.1 in this case.

But I’ve replicated the search itself as specified above (not the individual URLs in the error log) in DA 2.5beta7 and the problem remains. It is not something specific only to 2.3.1.

I still get a variety of “No content” entries in the log that, when I click on them, return a valid document (i.e, one containing the search term) after some delay. For example:

I will repost this error in the DA beta testing forums.