How does DEVONagent Pro determines date?

I created a simple search set that searches through multiple sites, including and One issue I came across is that the date displayed by DEVONagent seems to be arbitrary.

For example, a few hours after WWDC2020, I searched “Transition Kit $500 Apple” in order to learn more about the information Apple released today, and DEVONagent Pro did give me the result I was looking for. However, as you can see in the following screenshot, the date displayed in DEVONagent Pro is off by a few years (Should be Jun 22, 2020).

Is this related to how Reddit displays its metadata? If so, how do I make the date more accurate? Sometimes the default “Web” search set results in this issue as well.

Also, is there a feature allowing me to sort DEVONagent pro result by their date (e.g. put 2020 related result on top)?

By default DEVONagent Pro uses the date returned by the server or defined in the HTML code. Otherwise DEVONagent Pro scans the text on its own for dates. Could you send the search set to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks.

I see, thanks for checking it out for me. Just sent you the email with my search set.

Thanks for the set! I was able to reproduce it using your search term. The date is the one retrieved from the text (as neither the HTML code nor the server returned a date) and it seems to be this one:

Hmm, looks like this banner will always display and mess with reddit’s date. Is there a work around? I am fine with accepting reddit’s wrong date, but would be nice to somewhat mitigate it.

There’s no workaround currently as actually retrieving the date from the text is already a workaround for those cases when neither the HTTP server returns a date nor the HTML metadata contains one.

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