How does DEVONthink To Go file syncing work?

Does it sync all the files in your DEVONthink to your cellphone (all your library on your cellphone hard drive)?
Do you have access to all your files, but they are downloaded to your cellphone when you access them?
Are only certain files or folders assigned as syncable which are then synced with your cellphone?

Check out the built-in Help in DEVONthink To Go 2. Sync is covered there.

I don’t own DEVONthink To Go.

If all files are transferred to the cellphone, or that only some designated folders are synced, I wouldn’t know exactly what would the application be used for?

Where besides squinting at the DTTG2 built-in help can one read about the syncing process in sufficient detail to answer the questions above? In addition to not having to squint, it would be nice to be able to refer to the help AS an attempt is being made at set up. If there’s no time for anything but the tersest of answers here, then how about a helpful link? Prospective buyers of DTTG2 peruse these forums and might be interested too.

Thanks! Helpful.

For anyone wondering the same thing: