How DTTG 2.7.7 upgrade to 3?

My iOS didn’t turn on APPs automatic update. The current version is still DTTG 2.7.7. How can I update it to 3.0 with a reduced price or free intro?

It is not an “automatic update”. Go to Apple’s AppStore to see the new DEVONThink ToGO 3

Assuming your iOS version is 13 or greater:

You need to update to 2.7.9 first; you can do that by opening the App Store, and in the Today section drag down on the circular image in the top right hand corner (this will be the image you selected for your apple account). The App Store will then show you available updates. Perform the update. Open DTTG once. Once you have done that, as @rmschne says, you will need to separately download DTTG3.

(@rmschne: the OP was referring to this: “If you have DEVONthink To Go 2.7.8 or later installed on your device, version 3 offers you a free intro period until the end of July, 2021, and thereafter a price-reduced one-time purchase for US $19.99.” - so they need to update DTTG 2 before installing 3)

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Good catch!

Thank you for your reply. But now, my problem is that I can’t upgrade DTTG from 2.7.7 to 2.7.9. I can only tap Open, Upgrade not available.

Have you tried doing exactly as I suggested? (Oops: actually, you need to tap on the circular image in the today section, rather than pulling down on it; and then when the “Account” window opens, you pull down on it to show all available updates). I’m not aware that you could update in the “Purchases” section.

Yes, I did it exactly. But there is no DTTG 2.

Which version of iOS are you running?

(And that Twilio update was published a month ago… have you got automatic updates turned off?)

If you are running at least iOS 13 and the update to v2 is not being offered, I think my next step would be to delete both DTTG 2 & 3 from the device, download 2 again (now presumably receiving the most up-to-date version; you’ll have to download from “My Purchases” because it is no longer generally available in the App Store) and then reinstall 3. However, in doing that you will lose your data, so don’t do this step unless you have a way to put it back (e.g. syncing with a Mac).

iOS 14.4. Just update this morning.

Sorry, I was editing my reply as you wrote, so see above

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Your suggestion is very useful, thank you so much!

It’s only useful if it works - let me know :slight_smile:

(and you’re most welcome - that’s what we’re all here for :slight_smile: )

Yes, it works. I can use DTTG 3 now.

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That’s very pleasing :slight_smile: enjoy!