How get paths or locations of DT3 documents for easy access from outside DT?

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Outside of DT3 I have a ‘register’ (in TextEdit), which is a just textfile (for ex ”texts to read soon”) for later easy access.

  • Title1

    • path1
  • Title2

    • path2

Now I’d like to be able incorporate paths or locations of DT3 documents, because lately I’m using DT more.

I understand that locations in DT3 can change, but is there another way to access a DT textfile from outside DT?

How can the existing path info be used (it starts with .rtf/8/NNN.rft - not enough for whole path).

Then there would be no need to step through nested folders or search for a specific text, (although the search function has its advantages, of course.)


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Using the internal paths are not a good idea, as they can change.

You can Control-click an item in DEVONthink and choose Copy Item Link. That link can be pasted into your file.

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Modifying the suggestion above:

  1. Make your TextEdit file into a rich text (RTF) file
  2. When you make a document selection in DEVONthink 3 and use “Copy Item Link” from the contextual menu or the Edit menu (or ^⌥⌘C), then past that link into your (now rich text) TextEdit document, you will get a nicely formatted clickable link that shows the name of the document as it appears in DEVONthink.
  3. If you want to select multiple documents and do step #2 you will get a list of documents – “Copy Item Link” works on more than one document at a time and puts a list of all the links on the clipboard in one step.
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