How good is DTTG as a PDF viewer ?

Just would like to find a quick viewer with zoom and pan capabilities for 1 to 5 page PDFs.


If the built-in capabilities of iOS are sufficient for you (such as can be found in or Mobile Safari), DTTG should be sufficient as it uses the capabilities built into iOS to display PDFs.

If not, you may have to look elsewhere for now, although we are looking into improving PDF display (such as supporting annotations).

That said, my experience suggests that DTTG should be just fine for your case.

DTTG is fine for small PDFs like that. I’ve noticed it bogs down on 50MB, 338 pg highly graphical PDFs. :smiley:

Thank You

It’s slooooow. In my day-to-day use I find the speed frustrating. I should get my butt in gear and finally file some bug reports…

Any possibility that it would be able to write to editable fields within the pdf? (As with PDFexpert, etc?)

It’s possible; however, I think this is a feature that would be better served by an app dedicated to that purpose.

Nevertheless, I’ll add it to our list so we can reassess in the future.