How Good is the E2E encryption?

I am beginning to use the Devonthink system for everything. I know that the sync has end to end encryption. How good is this…? I know a lot of services don’t have end to end encryption and I am always wary of these. What standard of encryption is it and is it secure. (I am not an expert)

Both Bonjour and sync stores use AES-256. This is also used e.g. by macOS for disk images. See also… … tion-data/ … n_Standard

I would feel more comfortable if there was an independent security audit of Devonthink with publicly available results.

Your request would make sense if DEVONthink were using proprietary encryption technology. But that’s not the case.

DEVONthink is using AES-256, a widely used encryption technology and there’s lots of documentation about it.