How is Apple Pencil annotation on DTTG at this point in time

To preface, I am NOT trying to think of DTTG as a note-taking app with a “blank canvas.”

Rather, given how DT and DTTG have the highly customizable databases for storing documents, I would like to be able to make annotations on PDFs or other documents straight on the iPad Pro, have DTTG sync those changes, and then refer to them on the Mac. Reading the App Store description seems to show that this scenario is (at least technically) feasible.

My question is: how is the overall hand-annotating experience? When you write on a document with the Apple Pencil, do the lines generally look smooth? I don’t expect DTTG to have a pen feature set like those massive ones found in OneNote or Notability, but is it useable, or will I need to rely on Notability for annotating, and then re-importing to DTTG?

Many people use an Apple Pencil for annotating in DTTG and seem to be happy with it.

In my experience the pencil works great. I don’t think you’ll need to use another app.

Annotation with Apple Pencil on DT2Go (in-App purchase, right?) is really, really great - no lag, lots of features - you can even insert blank pages to existing PDFs for more handwritten notes, forms, etc. - unfortunately those handwritten notes are not searchable (no handwriting recognition). But for just do annotations - perfect!