How is "Convert URLs to PDF documents" supposed to work?

I have a few groups with plain text documents. They contain notes I’ve made and URLs that reference to the web page I read when doing the notes.

I now want to import all the URLs as PDFs into my database. After search the forums, the script “Convert URLs to PDF documents” seemed like the solution I was looking for. But when I select a plain text document and run the script, nothing happens. Or at least, I get no PDF. For a fraction of a second, there is some kind of - I think - window with a progress bar displayed on my screen.

Have I misunderstood what the script should do or am I using it the wrong way?


Yes, you have misunderstood the script. This is for converting Bookmarks in DEVONthink, not links in a document.

Bummer. Is there a way to parse text documents and convert all inline URLs to PDFs?

There is a script in the Scripts > Download folder that will download the links via the Download Manager - Links of Page. That won’t result in PDFs though you could use that as the framework for making such a script… or you could write one yourself. It’d be a nice little project actually.

I’ll have a look at it. But first I’ll have to learn the basics in writing scripts at all. :slight_smile:

I highly encourage you to. It not only allows you to extend the capabilities of your computing experience, it’s also a lot of fun (and yes, there is plenty of blood, sweat, and tears too). Well worth it though! :smiley:

Can you suggest any good resources to learn scripting DT? I have done some PHP development, so I’m not entirely new to programming, just scripting on OSX.

This Forum is good. There are many scripts included and you can open / edit them as you wish (though, “you break it, you bought it” :mrgreen: )

Also, is the best resource on the Web for all things Applescript (not just DEVONthink).

In what format should these Bookmarks be stored?

As Bookmarks. :smiley: