How is syncing meant to be between two people working on one Database?


we’re running two licences here on two computers. We basically have one main database (currently) but might want to switch to multiple ones in the future. Previously only one of us really used DT but that is supposed to change. Dropbox sync seems to work fine basically but as everything is synced through the AppsFolder/Dropbox API this is not shareable - not even within our Business account on DB. It can’t be the goal to have to use an identical cloud account to share between two different people - that’s not how Dropbox (and iCloud) work.

So is WebDAV the only way (except local folders that don’t work for us for various reasons) to sync a database between two people? I obviously know about the web access on the server version but we’d prefer to work on the desktop app instead of the web browser.

Did you consider bonjour sync? Is simpler than WebDAV, supposedly.

Simpler, yeah, but if I get it right it always depends on the initial machine being switched on. I was hoping I can have data synced between the two without depending on either of them being on.

Right, you need both machines to be on (i.e. a bonjour server and a client). So then WebDAV might be better. Also, because you do not have the account problems arising with cloud storage if you want to share the database.

I’m using WebDAV sync with a Synology NAS and that works flawlessly.