How Long Does History Last?

Sometimes I quit DEVONagent thinking that when I open it again, it will reload the current pages. Some time later, I’ll inadvertantly click on a link and DA launches only to load that particular page, so that I’ve lost all my other pages. That wouldn’t be so bad if I could count on being able to go back through the history to find my most recent pages. However, too often I go to the History menu and find it’s been cleared.

I know I can use a script to save a Workspace. But I don’t always think to do that before I quit.
I also know I can search the history. But it would be much easier if I could just pull down the menu and go to the site I need to see. Also, I can’t always remember all the pages I had wanted to view again later.

I’d be interested in…

  1. An option in Preferences to indicate how long I choose to save the History.

  2. A History menu similar to Safari’s in that it will add previous days’ sites in a folder listed in the menu.

  3. I’d also like the History to function more like URL Manager Pro’s: each time a site is visited, it’s placed at the top of the History list. Currently, DA seems to think that once a site has been viewed, the History doesn’t need to be updated to reflect that it’s been viewed again.

But I wonder if a site being listed multiple times would play havoc when searching the History–if that’s the case, then forget #3.

Or is there some way of which I’m unaware that I can view the History from, say, two days ago (for instance, can I search on a date viewed)?


V2.2 will fix this.