How Much Storage is Needed on the iPhone

I have iPhone 5 (not sure if it’s 5s or 5c) iOS 9.3.2. Currently I have used up 11.4 GB and have available 900 MB. If I delete all my pictures, I can free up 1GB, but the rest are apps and difficult to delete because I use them all.

I plan on using DTTGO on my iPhone, and I need help figuring out what kind of storage will I need.

Would I need less storage if the documents I want to read through DTTGO are aliases or replicas (I am still quite muddy on the differences between both and that works)?

Or should I plan on reading select articles on my iPhone in GoodReader?

DEVONthink doesn’t support aliases. Also, aliases would not work with your mobile device as there would be no original available. (Your phone isn’t connected to your Mac. It is its own ecosystem.)

The entire contents of the Global Inbox or the contents of the Mobile Sync group of separate databases will be synced. Personally, I would be judicious in what documents you need on the device and replicate them to the Mobile Sync group.
(Do note we may be making dramatic changes to this procedure in the future, but curating what you put on your device is still strongly suggested.)