How much support does Office Pro have for Entourage?

I’m thinking about whether or not to upgrade to the Office version. I’m seeing lots of features that revolve around Apple Mail but not finding much about Entourage.

Can I do the same things with Entourage that can be done with Apple Mail in the Office version?

The only thing that is different is that there is no plugin for Entourage that allows you to send messages or mailboxes straight from Entourage. Other than that the functionality is identical.

I’m not sure what you just said but I guess I’ll find out later since I upgraded to Office today. I do like DEVONthink. Agent is really awesome too! Cheers!

P.S.- Is there going to be an Entourage plug-in later on? My big thing is that I would like to send and receive emails from the DTP interface using Entourage. I can’t use Apple Mail because Hotmail won’t let you stream mail into it without paying for their stupid service.

The Hotmail plug ins for Apple Mail are unreliable as Microsoft actively combats that sort of stuff by changing their Hotmail coding regularly. I could use Apple Mail but then I would only have access to my Gmail accounts. You savvy? :slight_smile:

Of course, and I have been thinking about it, I could get rid of my Hotmail accounts and then all the problems go away. :laughing:

Let me put it like this: M$ never got back to us when we asked them for the API to develop a plugin for Entourage. M$ doesn’t seem to be bothered to implement full drag-and-drop support to anything other than the Finder. Add your attempts to not allow Hotmail to interact with other mail programs. And one wonders why people use M$ products on the Mac…

Darn! Okay, then. Just to have to make do…I still might ditch my Hotmail accounts and go back to Apple Mail. Thanks!