How not to delete tags


When I delete a tag registered in Globals’ Tags, the tags of the associated files are also deleted.
I know that I can undo this by using command+Z, but is it possible to make it so that some tags cannot be deleted?

I’m relying on tags to classify my files, and I want to avoid human error.

You could lock them.

It turns out that if a tag is locked, it will remain associated with the file even if it is accidentally deleted.

Thank you very much.

Don’t understand this. Do you mean if a Tag is locked but accidentally moved to trash then you’ll be warned before the trash is actually emptied and you could then move the tag back into the database’s tags group?

If you delete the tag registered in the Tags of Globals, the tag will be moved to Trash. At that time, the relation with the file to which the tag is attached will be cut off.

Dragging the tag back to its original location restores the relationship with the disconnected file.

The last time I tried this operation, somehow the association was not restored. So I thought that locking the tag would restore the association.

This seems to still allow for moving them to the trash, but only after trying to empty the trash, there will be an alert popping up. Is this intended?

That’s currently the intended behaviour - you can move/rename etc. locked items but you can’t modify their contents and emptying the trash shows an alert asking whether they should be deleted too.

On a related note, if one wants to empty the trash and it contains replicants of locked indexed records then it’s necessary to unlock them before it’s possible to actually empty the trash. That means one alters the locking state to delete replicants and after they are gone there’s no easy way to lock the remaining instances of those records again. Would it be possible to change that somehow?

By default an alert should be displayed asking the user whether locked items should be deleted too or skipped, choosing the option to delete them should be sufficient.

I’ve used Preferences > General > Reset Alerts and tried again.

It’s not possible to delete an locked indexed record without altering its locking state.

Sorry, I missed the word indexed. In case of indexed items moved from an enclosing indexed indexed group to the trash this should be possible as the above alert is not necessary then.

But in case of indexed items without a former enclosing indexed group a different alert is necessary as currently DEVONthink tries to avoid multiple alerts (or even more complicated ones).

Having this alert during deletion of a locked file would make more sense to me. If it’s locked, I don’t want it to be moved to the trash and lose its location in the database (since there is no put back feature in DT, like in Finder).
So I’d like to make this a feature request that still being able to move and rename locked items shouldn’t be possible.

Undo is actually available afterwards.