{How} seeing an Online PDF file?

How can I see an online PDF file directly?
something like this.:

When I try it, “Open dialog” shows up. Even if I choose “Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.0”, the window is always blank…
(Devonthink 1.2.1Pro on OS X10.4.7)

ham, I have no problem seeing your example PDF file, titled Katakana, when opened from a bookmark in DT Pro.

I suspect that your problem is that Adobe has installed a plugin in one of these locations:

/Library/Internet Plugins/ or
~/Library/Internet Plugins

That Adobe plugin is not necessary in OS X and is not compatible with Apple’s WebKit browser engine. Remove the Adobe PDF viewer plugin from the Internet Plugins folder and you will be able to see PDF files directly in your browser.

Additional notes: You can capture a viewed PDF by selecting (DT Pro) Scripts > Import > Save PDF to DEVONthink Pro from URL.

Note that the Katakana PDF has copy protection, so that DT Pro is not able to capture the text for searching and analysis. If you have forgotten the password, an application such as pdf-Recover can save a copy of the file with protection removed.

Thank you for your support!!

It works.!