How to access a DT file to use as an email attachment

I’m thinking of importing most of the document files on my computer into DT, rather than indexing them. My question, though, is whether there is an easy way to access such files when I want to attach one of them to a Gmail message. The only way I can think of doing this is to create a separate folder outside DT labeled “DT email attachments” and export files there each time I want to create a Gmail attachment. Is there a more direct route to access and attach DT files to email messages?

When dragging documents directly from DT (or elsewhere) into a Gmail Compose Mail screen a Drop files here target will appear for adding them as attachments. It’ll even handle multiple documents (probably up a some limit I’m not aware of).

Thanks for the suggestion. I had not been using the drop feature in Gmail because I couldn’t get it to work when it first became available. But after posting my question here, I remembered it and decided to try it with a DT file. It worked without a hitch. It’s a little awkward getting the screens reduced and positioned, but that’s a relatively minor issue. Even so, I was hoping there was a point and click way to do it, but judging by your reply, I suppose not.

I think drag/drop support is a relatively recent change, though I don’t use Gmail enough to keep up with such details or to know offhand if:

… is possible (presuming I understand what you mean; I’m not positive I do :slight_smile:).

My method to avoid window resizing/repositioning would be something like:

• Grab/drag/hold document(s) from DT (or wherever)
• Command-Tab to bring browser into foreground, preferably with Gmail window visible. Or pick your favorite method to accomplish the same thing.
• Drop document(s) in Gmail attachment target

Thanks again. I have come up with a solution that works well for me. I go to the file I want to attach, click on “Show in finder” and then drag and drop from there into Gmail. I always have my finder reduced in size and on the right of the screen, which means that I have room to see the spot in Gmail where I need to drop the file. What I meant in my last message by “point and click” was a way to reach the file from the “Attach a file” button in Gmail.

Glad you found a method you’re satisfied with, though I still prefer my faster/easier one. :slight_smile:

You could search for and select a file in the Choose File dialog (if Spotlight indexing for the DT database the corresponding document is in is enabled) but that doesn’t seem like an improvement over other methods.

Yeah, I tried your way and I like it. At first it seemed like it would be awkward, dragging the file while at the same time holding down two keys, but it really didn’t take a lot of dexterity to accomplish it.

I agree it could be awkward, especially with tougher key combinations, but many years of Emacs usage must have helped train my fingers to accept even some contortionistic keyboard actions. :slight_smile:

Another method would be to set up a hot corner to invoke All Windows in Exposé, then use that as the app switcher instead of Command-Tab during the document dragging. I actually use combinations of those for intra-app drag/drops, with Spaces switching thrown in, depending on what seems most convenient in the current context. Also depends on whether I’m using a trackpad or mouse. Something I’ve never gotten comfortable with, which I envy others who’ve mastered it, is app hiding/revealing. If I was savvy with that I might not use (or be less reliant on) Spaces.

Thanks for the discussion. Btw, I wasn’t aware that what I originally suggested was now possible with Gmail until your post inspired me to try it. :slight_smile: