How to add files to a database using DT-Server web interface?

In DT3 running on Mac, I could drag and drop multiple files from the Desktop to “Inboxes” and subsequently move them into the desired database, add tags etc.:

Using the DT-Server web interface on Firefox, drag and drop from the desktop to “Inboxes” does not work:

How can I add files to the DT-Database using DT-Server?

Does drag & drop onto the sidebar and/or the item list not work? Alternatively files can be uploaded via the toolbar.

You need to drag to the sidebar or on top of existing files in the item list. The empty space under items is inactive.

Verified in Safari, Firefox, Opera One, and even Edge :open_mouth: :slight_smile:

Correct, drag and drop has no effect.

A mouse-over on the following toolbar symbols indicates that none of them (except for “reload”) are active:

See my reply.

Thanks for the suggestion, but that also does not work (the same problem arises also in Microsoft’s Edge browser). I can “drag” files from the Desktop but DT-Server does not permit me to “drop” them anywhere.

  • Did you drop to the places I specified in my screen capture? As I noted, I’m seeing no issue when following the prescribed process.

  • If so, does the logged in user have permissions to add to the database. That is a per-database permission that must be granted in Preferences > Server > Users

  • Lastly, is the Mac with DEVONthink on and running the server? It must be wake and allowing the traffic.

  1. Yes, I followed your instructions exactly
  2. Yes, all permissions are granted
  3. Yes, the Mac-server is up and running.

I also restarted the DT-Server as well as rebooting my Windows-PC. The problem remains.

Interesting note: I started Firefox on the Mac-Server and logged myself into the DT web-interface using “HTTP login” (not the normal Login-button). Drag and drop works correctly! The problem would appear to be the web interface in the Windows version of Firefox (Version 116.0, Windows 11). Can someone confirm that?

You didn’t say anything about Windows.
I’ll check this in a bit.

I use gDrive with Devonthink. You can create a folder in gDrive and one folder action Can move the archive to devonhink (with OCR). If te users run windows no matter

I’m seeing no issue with drag and drop to the item list or sidebar in Firefox on Win11, when doing as I instructed earlier.

Edge also works and is actually much more responsive, though it appears to hoist the items in the sidebar when launching.

Thank you for verifying.

Unfortunately, I still cannot drag and drop documents into Firefox or Edge. Normally, when I drag a file onto another app, the target frame/window gets highlighted. This does not happen with the browser interface for DT.

I noticed in the screenshot you sent that the URL for DT was andromedamax.local:65500/app/devonthink. Mine is Could the different IP port number be causing problems? Or the fact that I am logged in using a VPN?

Otherwise, my next step would be to try another computer. Perhaps some obscure Windows- or Browser-setting on my laptop is generally preventing drag and drop to a browser window.

Can you elaborate on your network setup?

I am working from home. Email and normal Internet browsing work fine without VPN. But in order to access DT via browser, I have to log my computer into our company’s VPN.

If you need more technical details, please tell me what exactly you need to know and I will ask our IT folk.

There should be no issue presented by the use of the Bonjour name or port.
I also can’t think of a setting that would disallow the behavior.
Do you have other utilities running?

All I can think of are:

  • Bitdefender anti-virus
  • OneDrive file-synch
  • MS-Teams
  • Wildix VOIP

I would turn them off and see if it behaves. if so, I’d turn them on one-by-one and see which is affecting it.

That seems odd if the DEVONthink server and app are local at home. Unless the machine is at the office?

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I suppose that’s the case:

  • Machine running the DT server in the company
  • OP sitting at home
  • VPN between the two sites.

Correct, the DT-Server is hosted on our last remaining Mac in the office and I am working from home on a Windows laptop. Our company recently transitioned to Windows but would like to keep the knowledge base we have built over the past 10 years using DT.
Hence my need to get the browser interface on Windows machines working correctly with the DT-Server running on Mac.