How to add multiple tags to one document at once?

I would like to be able to add multiple tags to one document at the same time. I have been doing this for years using the Drupal content management system. I just separate the tags with commas. They appear as separate tags when the item is published.

This approach does not work with DevonThink.

This should be one of those obvious things, but I have read through the TCo manual. Searched Discourse, and done a wider Internet search, and can’t find an answer.

I add on average a dozen tags to each post in Drupal and I am getting really tired of having to add tags one at a time to documents DevonThink.

Any help would be appreciated.

You can write a tag name, press enter, write the next tag name. Or did I misunderstood what you want?

Pete, thanks for answering. But that is what I am doing now in DevonThink. Incredibly time consuming. In Drupal, I just make a list of the tags. Add a comma to each, and copy and paste the entire list to the CMS. And voila, all the terms show up as separate tags. Since I average a dozen tags per document/post, it is a HUGE time saver.

DEVONthink uses semicolons, this works


And also this


Pete, that is exactly what I was looking for. It works like a charm. Thanks!

Good to know. - Thanks.

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This does not appear to work in DTTG3? I use the built in text expansion tool on Mac and iPad to add tag sets in other applications to speed up my workflow, this is what is keeping me from jumping into DTTG, the list of tags, even when separated by semicolons is added as one tag. Am I missing something or is the functionality different in the To Go version?

Doesn’t seem to be possible to add multiple tags via text expansion,

And it seems it’s also not possible to add them in one go via, see Passing tags to new “update item metadata” shortcuts action.

This is again and again a great trick!

I had forgotten the syntax, looked in DT3’s help, but didn’t find it there. Then I remembered I had seen it in the forums - and Bingo!

Might be worth adding to the help (I searched for “multiple tags”)…

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