How to add note or comment to photo (and/or other type of en

Does anyone know how to add a note to an entry?

Like a photo entry, or website entry?

I can’t find any way to do this.


There isn’t a uniform way to do this, as far as I can tell (and to my surprise, considering what this app is commonly used for).

There are elaborate (creative but quite inconvenient) work-arounds, such as making separate RTF notes and inserting links to the referenced item, possibly with a reverse link, and then grouping these RTF notes into a folder, and naming that folder for the original item. See Bill DeVille’s posts on “Annotations”, and the thread “Associate Notes with Reference Documents = Richer Functional”

Depending on the item type, you may be able to add very short comments in the “Spotlight Comment” or “Comments” field. Right click on a column in a list view, and expose the Spotlight-Comment field.

Sophie, thank you SO much for the response. VERY informative.

There has been a complaint in private from a Sr. Member that implies my threads and postings are idiotic and repetitive; basically, that I should RTFM instead of posting.

To address that, I will be posting a lot less in the future. And if I ask a question that doesn’t immediately get answered, I will mostly likely delete the thread a day later, so as to not unduly upset this Sr. Member.

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To everyone in the group who has been kind enough to answer my questions and exchange dialogue with me to help me learn the program better, I extend my deepest thanks and gratitude.


Hi there,

in templates you will find a Annotation-template, that is made for annotations connected to a file.

You will find it in the Data menu >new with template >annotation
Before you use it you have to highlight the file you want to annotate.

The annotation will be saved in a separated Annotation-Group.

Agreed, and the forums here are generally very friendly and helpful.

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This can be a deep topic. I’m struggling to find some previous discussion about adding “subdocuments” to primary ones, which seems related to the discussion in that other thread …

I recall a couple discussions about that. Probably not the same discussions, but I remember one about Scrivener’s ability to use documents as containers of other documents. Which is cool.

I vaguely remember that one, too, and agree it’s cool.