How to apply filter to subgroups

Workflow: I simply capture content to DTP and use it’s AI features (classify) to group it into categories (sub groups). Then I COPY the files into TheBrain app. Once copied, the label is changed to GREEN (called “Braind”).

So now I have a GROUP called SORTED and all files in there are files I want to copy to thebrain. Now, what I would like it to have a smart group that shows all the GROUPS under SORTED, but only the contents that are NOT GREEN. I can get it to work for the top level items (groups) but not the actual contents below the top level.

Here is a screenshot showing my Smart Group definition and in the background you can see that it is not working as expected.


There is no bug here. It’s doing what you’ve logically asked it to do.
Your groups aren’t labeled as Braind so they’re matched. Then you’ve opened those groups, exposing the documents in them.

As has been said many times in documentation and the forums, you should be as specific as possible when creating searches, smart groups, or smart rules. You are looking for documents without that label, so add Kind is Any Document. This removes any groups from the matches, leaving only unlabeled documents as matches.

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thank you, sir.

You’re welcome. I hope that makes sense.