How to avoid the "Empty file" error

In some of my indexed folders I have true zero byte files (leftovers from LaTeX runs) like Data Review.snm (along side the real document Data Review.pdf and the source Data Review.tex).

Problem is, DEVONthink complains with an error “Empty File” in the log window and thinks the database was not repaired properly. Deleting the *.snm file doesn’t help in the long run, because an update to the LaTexX document will subsequently regenerate this file.

How can I tell DEVONthink either to ignore this file or to be happy with its zero-byte size?

Thanks for any pointers!

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You can’t at the moment, but DT are considering such a mechanism for a future release.

The next release will improve this.


Cool. Looking forward to it.

I just saw other posts (e.g. Update on potential data loss - DEVONthink To Go - DEVONtechnologies Community) about zero byte files, but the zero byte fiels in these other posts are ghost files not true meant-to-be zero byte files.

How do true zero byte files affect the syncing?

It inhibits syncing at this time.