Log reports six old files as "Empty" after Database Repair

My log shows six old files as being “empty”. I haven’t looked at these files for years. The files are in my Dropbox folder and indexed. They all open correctly and are not zero size according to Finder.

Shortly beforehand I had done Verify and Repair and found six inconsistencies which were successfully repaired.

I found this thread about “Empty Files” but it seemed that was being caused by zero size files which mine are not.

I notice that Finder says they were last modified at 10:49 today, but I did not do anything.

Verify and Repair says “Successfully Verified”

Thanks for any help.

What’s the size of the files according to the Info inspector in DEVONthink? Is another attempt to verify & repair the database successful? If not, are these indexed files always locally available?

Thanks Christian. DT sizes are same as Finder:

Does another verification of this database still report the same files?

No it was successfully repaired by the first verification. Six inconsistencies found and repaired successfully. Then the empty file messages appeared. After that Verify was OK and is still OK.

File > Verify & Repair Database logged & repaired this issue, therefore everything is now fine.

Ok Thanks. It does seem that way, so why did I have messages about empty files after the repair?

Are they messages which can safely be ignored?

They were actually shown after the verification but before repairing. And if the database is now successfully verified, they can be ignored.

OK Thanks. That isn’t how it seemed at the time but it may have been like that.

The next release will improve the logging after failed/successful repairing.

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