How to best organize hierarchy of notes from a book?


I am starting to split the notes I take from books, such that I will have a number of separate RTF files for each chapter, section, etc. This is so that I can tag notes and find them easily.

For my first attempt at this, I imported book notes from one long RTF file into OmniOutliner Pro, where I indented the various sections so that it produced an OPML file which could then be imported into DEVONthink Pro, as a folder structure something like this:

I would like to be able to view notes from various levels by clicking on the groups. The problem is that say I select the Chapter 1 group I can’t find a way of DTP showing all the notes from Chapter 1, it will only show the subgroups in Chapter 1, and I can then only see notes for each subgroup in turn by clicking in the subgroups.

Is there a way of being able to view all notes in a higher group in the hierarchy (essentially bypassing the subgroup distinction)?

I hope this makes sense,

Thanks for reading


Press the command key while you select the groups (folders) of which you want to see the content from.

Thanks, this is helpful, but still means that I need to have the full hierarchy of groups open and click on all the lowest level groups to get all the notes to show up. I was hoping there was a way that I could just click on the ‘chapter 1’ group, for example, and the notes of all the subgroups of chapter 1 would show.

If it isn’t possible to do this with a hierarchy of groups, is there another way?

You could double click on a level 1 group to get in to it and then select all subgroups while pressing the shift key or by pressing command + a (for selecting all, focus has to be in the groups panel).

As far as I know this is the closest solution to your question.

OK, so it looks like, double clicking on the main group so that I can isolate this group, then choosing expand all from the View Menu, then Cmd-A to select all expanded groups is a way to bring up all notes from all subgroups, and if I want another set of groups I have to use Shift-click or Cmd-click to select the groups I want to see notes for.

This will do for now. Pity there isn’t an option to have all files from subgroups show when you click on higher groups. I feel a move to the requests and suggestions forum is on the cards…

Thanks for your help