How to buy Devonthink To Go with discount?


I just saw the discount page and - downloaded IOS DEVONthink To Go and when I see the one time purchase in iOS it says $39.99 - is that the discount price or am I missing something?

What is the regular price?

On the iOS side, the one-time purchase for DEVONthink To Go sells for 30% less during the weekend. No coupon needed, the App Store applies the discount automatically for you.

This exclusive promotion starts Friday, April 29th, 2022, at 9 a.m UTC and ends Monday, May 2nd, 2022, at 6 p.m. UTC; times in the App Store can be different.

Ok thanks - so I guess I will wait for the weekend!

Thanks for the help

I want to know if I can transfer to one-time purchase while I currently have an active annual subscription?

Unfortunately no, we did intentionally not implement this to prevent people from overpaying. Especially as we couldn’t do any refunds in the App Store which is fully Apple’s realm. Sorry.

Totally fair, thanks for explaining!

Thanks for the info. This A.M. I do see that there is a discount. I went ahead and purchased it. Thanks for your help.

You’re most welcome. In the App Store we just give Apple a list of days with price changes, the rest is up to Cupertino.

That’s disappointing. I canceled my annual renewal (due in July) hoping to get the lifetime deal, but it’s not showing up as an option. I’d rather get off the subscription plan and use the promotion for the lifetime license.

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Welcome @speedtrial

This isn’t a choice we made. It’s a byproduct of the way Apple handles and requires transactions to be done. The trial needs to expire before the one-time purchase becomes available.

This is extremely disappointing. It means the only time one can access the discount is when their subscription is finished. So I either go X amount of time without access to the app, or continue to pay more for a subscription, rather than purchase it outright (as is always my preference with technology, and a large part of the reason I chose Devonthink in the first place).

Given that you’ve made the deliberate choice to not allow lifetime purchases while a subscription is active, what is the reasoning behind not updating the app store settings during sales to allow this feature?

There is no “App Store setting” here alone. One-time purchases need to be made in the app and we designed the purchase flow so that while you have a valid subscription the app does not even offer you to buy something — if it would, you could buy twice unnecessarily and then we would have no means to refund one of the purchases because that is something only Apple can do. We wanted the purchase flow as fair as it can be given the circumstances. This now is a side-effect but we have ideas how we can improve it in the future.


This topic answered what I have been wondering too. Too bad there is no way to take advantage of this, I just renewed my monthly.

I trust in the fairness of the Devontechnologies team and am sure things will work out for us subscribers in the long-run.


D…ed if you do, and D…ed if you don’t.



But what you wrote is just what I was thinking.