How to capture "Flash Text" from Websites and make it search

I’d like to capture the text information from a news site.
Unfortunately, nowadays the information is partly presented as “flash text” which means that a part of the content is displayed as a flash element with clickable “chapters”.


  1. … 20,00.html
    (the information about different software programs is displayed as flash)
  2. … 92,00.html

Is there a way to (comfortably) capture all the textual information on such a page for use in DevonThink?
… it seems that saving as web archive also saves the flash content, but it is not searchable.
Saving as PDF (from within DevonThink) makes a “screenshot” only showing the actual display of the pdf (which makes sense), but the shown flash content is not searchable.
Saving as html seems to also save the flash content.

If I try the print-command, the flash element is replaced by an error message.

Kind regards


It seems to be possible to select, copy and paste the text to DEVONthink but that’s definitely not comfortable.

That’s correct - especially, as you’d have to copy the heading and the corresponding text separately…

Could there be a more comfortable way in future versions that recognizes this text which obviously exists as readable information but is somehow not accessible?


This text is not accessible via the WebKit framework and there are no plans to use (more or less legal) decompilers for the Adobe Flash format.