How to change dates in DTTG?


is there any way to change the dates (in my use case, I would need to change the creation date) using DTTG? Using the “I” and trying to tap and modify seems to be under-complex…

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No, this is not possible at this time. This can be done in DEVONthink on the Mac however.

That was perfectly clear. Thank you. Can you recommend any third-party-software?
I am asking as I would love to prepare my documents as far as possible mobile prior to using the desktop.

Can you recommend any third-party-software?

Any software for… changing the dates? Not for files inside DEVONthink To Go.

I would have have called it amending the metadata, but changing the date would be another way to say :grin:

As I know that it does not make sense to ask for when will this or that feature be implemented, I am looking for a way around it. Is there any possibility to use something like tagging templates?
I would then add the information and the dates by tags which are starting with e.g., “date:” and setup some scripting in DTPO to work with this information.

So, any idea on how to optimize this approach?

Sorry, but no there are no tagging templates or other such mechanisms in DEVONthink To Go. (And remember this is iOS, so automation is very weak compared to macOS.)

Thank you for the update - I will keep that difference in mind.
Hopefully this is going to be different with iPadOS.

Up to then, I will try to get the most out of the standards.

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Unfortunately, iPadOS is just iOS with some extensions. It’s not macOS and with its user interface paradigm it will always lead to more simple, more focused applications. We have your request here, though, on our list.

:+1: Thank you.

Add another vote for date modification on the iPad in DTTG. That seems to be the one part of my regular workflow that I can’t do on the iPad. (When I scan in papers I want to set the creation date to, um… the creation date. :slight_smile:)

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I was curious whether it is possible to set Creation Date when sending text from another app using callback url scheme. I did not see date listed as a parameter in the documentation.

No, this is not supported. Some future improvements will likely make some things like this possible.


I rarely modify the Created Date, but I maintain a Subject Date that requires editing
I store Subject Date as a prefix to the note filename
for example 2021-03-04 Receipt [Groceries] ...
I have edit access to the Subject Date

I suffix with dates (six of one, half a dozen of the other), however I don’t allow potentially troublesome characters, e.g., [ ].

You should consider that in your naming convention.

As I prefix, I can sort my notes by Subject Date by sorting on Name

As I said, six of one, half-dozen of another. If it suits your needs, go for it by all means.
But you still should rethink your square brackets. :slight_smile:

This is still new to me but I see there’s an Update Metadata in IOS Shortcuts

That’s correct but that wasn’t available at the time of the previous discussion.