How to change font size


my first time here…

I find the font sizes of search results and list topics small and sometimes heavy to read. Changing the font size in the preferences did change nothing. What do I do wrong?

Happy New Year by the way :slight_smile:


The options in Preferences > General affect only the text/source views (e.g. source of HTML pages in browser windows or digest in search windows) but not the list of results. And a happy new year for you too!

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Thanks. That’s not so good. I find the readability quite poor.

What specifically is the issue with the readability?

I find the font size of the lists and in the inspector simply very small. It seems to me, that they are all 8 pt instead of 10 pt. I just compare it with other software, that I use. E.g. these lines I write have a certain size which is readable. Imagine they are 2 or 3 pt smaller. Then you get the point.

Ahh. I see. Thanks.