How to change location of files stored in new DB?


I have a question about the original file locations. I searched, checked the user’s guide and cant figure it out.

I created a new database, By default any file I import goes into the Database file. I want to keep my files in my iCloud under a folder. I created a folder in iCloud, I indexed the folder, which is working fine. But I dont want the files to be under a folder in the database. I want the folders to show in the top level of folders in DT. How do I accomplish that. Basically how do I change the loaction of folders in a database.

Here is what my icloud folders look like:

Here is what folder structure looks like:

Here it is in DT database:

I want the folders under @@@DT Folder to be in the top. When I move them, DT Moves it out of the iCloud folder into the DT database file…

Hope this makes sense. And I am sure I missed this info somewhere. Thank you…

That’s not possible as you indexed the top level folder.

The only way to get rid of the top level group is to index each subfolder. But that’s probably not what you want as you’ll have to manually take care of changes in your top level folder, i.e. manually index new subfolders and manually remove deleted subfolders.

That’s actually the safer method of working, if you’re going to be doing any file or folder deletions.